What specific accommodations or modifications might you use with students with autism (hint: answer to this question can copy/paste to your A&M project)?

-Define classroom areas:

  • Individual work areas
  • Free times areas
  • Open areas for discussion

-Keep classroom organized

-Have a designated seat for the child

-Keep a daily class schedule in the classroom

-Have a playground or areas for student to let off steam

-Have a home base area for student to escape classroom stimulation for a while

-Seat student in a low traffic area in the classroom

-Face desks away from distractions

-Help student learn to handle distractions over time

-Avoid touching student

-Teach tolerance

-Avoid using heavy perfumes

-Use lower level over head lights

What concerns or questions do you have about working with students with autism (I will compile a list of these and bring it to class)?  Make sure to reference the readings in your answer.

I am not really concerned about working with children with autism.  My sister has autism and I have worked with many of these students in the past.