What is most interesting to you about the special education referral process?

I find it interesting that anyone can refer a child to special education, including the parent. This seems like it could be problematic because if their child is slightly struggling they may refer them, even though they do not need to be. Something else I found interesting was that a parent has the right to give you, or not give you, access to their child’s educational record. I cannot imagine having an IEP meeting and discussing a child, without knowing their educational records.

Which parts do you think are most challenging for schools?

I would imagine that one of the most challenging parts of the referral process is the parent involvement. I am sure that some parents are great, but other parents would be very difficult to track down, especially since they need to approve each part of the process. I think that another challenge of an IEP meeting would be if you had a file a complaint against the parent. This would be very difficult for me, but I have to keep the students best interests in mind.

After reading about the process, what parts do you think would cause you the most concern as a classroom teacher?

I think one of my biggest concerns would be meeting with the parents and having their consent to continue with the process of implementing an IEP or 504. Also, this process seems to take a long time from the beginning of the referral until when the actual IEP is finalized. I think it may be hard to accommodate this student in the classroom during that time because I am not allowed to give them special accommodations or modifications. I do like that there are early intervention services that are provided so that the child can use these until they are formally identified.