As you explore the resources related to accommodations and modifications, think about how you might be able to use these concepts to support students in your class?  

When reading about accommodations and modifications I found many great things to use in the classroom. Having adapted writing tools, paper, a voice recorder or word processor are really great things to have in the classroom for struggling students that need adaptations. I thought that having sentence starters is a great adaption for students. In my fifth grade practicum classroom many students were great writers, but they struggled beginning a sentence or a story. Having a simple accommodation such as a sentence starter would be a great way to help students that struggle with writing. Some more things that can be modified to help students are having peer readers. This is a great way to have other students in the classroom help with students who are struggling. It is important to not overuse this method because those students who are not struggling need to be challenged too. I really like the ideas of providing students with extra resources to help them when they are working on an assignment. I think that just giving students extra time when working on an assignment can be detrimental to their learning. Although some students may need more time on an activity it should not be the only method used in the classroom. Having this variety of different accommodations and modifications will be the most beneficial in the classroom.

Why might accommodations and modifications be important for student success?

Accommodations and modifications are extremely important for student success. Children sometimes need these different accommodations in order to achieve in the school setting. There are many different things that students may need modified in the classroom. Every student is different so the accommodations and modifications change depending on the students. Adaptations can improve student engagement, and less time will be devoted to classroom management. Less time with classroom manage is a huge benefit that will effect the whole classroom. When there is less time spent on classroom management more time can be spent on teaching curriculum. Students will be on task more often when there are adaptations in the classroom.

What questions do you have about accommodations and modifications?

Should we communicate with parents the students progress each week or only if they are struggling or making improvements?