Based on the reading, how might differentiated instruction be important to your future role as a classroom teacher?

It is important to understand what differentiated instruction is because it will be used often in the classroom.  Differentiated learning is adjusting curriculum to reach all students at every level.  It is also important to understand when to use it.  Differentiated learning is used during the instruction time if the teacher notices a student is not understanding the material.  This is different than Universal Design for Learning, which is used while planning the curriculum.

How will you use it?

I will use differentiated instruction to adjust curriculum so that all students will have a chance to succeed.  I will also be flexible with my grouping methods, making sure to use homogeneous and heterogenous groups.  Also in my classroom I will have flexible seating, varied journal prompts, and many more types of differentiation in my classroom.  I plan to know my students very well and this will help me when I use different techniques in the classroom because I will be able to choose the one that best suits them.

What challenges do you expect to encounter when implementing differentiated instruction?

I think that it may be hard to meet the needs of all students while in the middle of a lesson, but that is part of being a teacher.  It is essential to think on your toes and if students are not understanding the material.